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HR.my Upcoming Features Todo List

3 years 1 month ago #3097 by Sara
Hi is it possible to make employees log on hourly/ minute basis. And logs need to be verified? Like similar to how leaves need to be approvals i need attendance to be verfied by an admin before actually paying the employees. So to log hours an employee will enter an hour range lets say then the manager would approve or verify it, then i can know if we should pay the employee.
3 years 1 month ago #3098 by Kap-Chew
Sorry, I don't understand the part related to "i need attendance to be verfied by an admin"? What is stopping you from doing so now?

Also, since there is no way to modify the attendance record, what kind of verification do you mean?
3 years 1 month ago #3099 by Sara
Hi , i mean if an employee said they worked from 10 am till 10:30 am , and submitted a work log, i need their manager to approve it. I dont want to take the employee word for it i need the manager to say that yes this employee did work from 10 to 10:30.
Just like when they submit a time off and the manager needs to approve.
3 years 1 month ago #3100 by Kap-Chew
In that case, I think you should use Document Workflow instead. Ask your employees to submit their OT Sheet and let managers review.
2 years 11 months ago #3124 by Wong
Hello Kap-Chew,

Can you split the various variable pays & variable deductions in separate column in payroll tabular report, i.e. Variable Pay A, Variable Pay B and Variable Deduction A are in 3 columns so we can identify the total for each item? Also to include "Total" row at the bottom of report.

Next, can the payslip to be printed (all grouped variable pays & variable deductions were expanded so that detailed breakdown were shown) into separate pdf files for each staff by just 1 click?
2 years 11 months ago #3125 by Kap-Chew
1. Sure, but need to wait until I have more free time. Currently busy with other features of HR.my, including the mobile app.

2. You may ask your employee to install some PDF printer driver, then they can easily print to PDF.
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