R31 Update

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Free Payroll System R31 has just been updated, here are some of the important highlights:

  • Newly designed Payroll
    • Previously, you will need to complete the entire payroll data entry in one go. Now you may prepare the payroll data entry in as many times as you wish, unprocessed payroll will be saved automatically until you are ready to run your payroll process.
    • Previously, processed payroll will be automatically published to Employee Web Accounts. Now you may process the payroll as Draft and publish later. This will facilitate other senior payroll specialists to review the payroll result to ensure accuracy.
    • Previously, you would always start afresh with default variable pay items from employee salary profile (which is set up via Payroll->Salary Adjustment) when you re-process payroll. Now the last processed details will be loaded for re-processing. Modifying last processed details will delete the processed payroll result of relevant employee.
  • New Statutory Contribution that allows users to specify both employer and employee portions to be contributed. Examples of statutory contributions include personal income tax, employee provident fund etc.
  • Added quantity field for Variable Pay calculation, now you may easily calculate hourly wages, piecemeal wages, mileage claim reimbursement etc, for instance 18 Hours X $10
  • Improved the speed of listing employees in payroll process by selection
  • Announcement view is now more mobile-friendly
  • Option to specify if Reason is mandatory for leave applications. This option may be set under Leave Type

What's next:

And as usual, just drop me a note for whatever improvement that you would like to see in the next release (or join the discussion on the todo list post ). I will try to make it into the to-do list, but sometimes due to time constraint, some feature will require more time to implement.
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