Drawing up your HR Policy and Handbook

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16 & 17 December 2013, Mon & Tues, 09.00 am to 05.00 pm, Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

SBL Claimable under HRDF

 Certificate of attendance awarded for those who complete the course




HR Policies are the organisation’s top management philosophy and general guidelines as to aims, objectives, responsibilities and accountabilities regarding the organisation’s prerogatives and its employees’ entitlements and benefits at all levels.  


The Employee Handbook on the other hand contains the specific terms and conditions of employment. This handbook forms the bulk of the employment contract; the other part being the employment /appointment letter.     


These two documents are fundamental to every organization even though the content and standards may vary widely according to differing needs and requirements.


About the Programme 

This programme shows what factors need to be taken into account in drawing up HR policies and the employee handbook. It also discusses related legal and human issues and gives an insight into market trends in HR policies and employee benefits.


As it is strategic in nature, this workshop will appeal to HR Policy decision makers and those responsible for drafting them.   



Why Attend This Programme?

A well developed HR policy would provide clear direction for management decision, while a clearly written employee handbook would provide transparency for better communication and employee relations.                



Course Objectives

 At the end of the programme, participants are able to develop HR policies regarding:

  • Definition and limitation of HR Policies and Employee Handbook
  • Identification of areas of responsibility for the HR Department
  • Identification of  job functions and establishing accountability and responsibility of employees carrying out HR functions  
  • Defining aims or purposes of functions and levels of responsibility and authority
  • Identification of legal and market-standard benefits and entitlements for employees; and defining their aims and purposes
  • Establishing administrative policies / procedures for availing of the benefits and entitlements; and establishing the ‘paper’ trail
  • Developing the employee handbook
  • Legal issues surrounding various policies



Learning Methodology 

Presentations, interactive discussion, workshop sessions, case studies   



Course Content 

PART A:  Policies on Management Prerogatives  

1) Introduction

  • Definition of HR Policy
  • Definition of Employee Handbook
  • Limitation of HR Policies and Handbook
  • Organization structure & levels
  • Job Grades & Salary Grades
  • Employees protected under the Employment Act 1955, Labour Ordinances (Sabah 2004) & (Sarawak 2005)  

2) Policy on Employment 

  • Who prepares job descriptions and job specifications?
  • Dates for reviewing JD & JS

·         Procedure for requisition of employees 

·         Composition of panel of interviewers

  • Types of contracts
  • Other terms and conditions

·         Approving authority & signatories   

  • Legal issues   

3) Policy on Training & Development

  • Who is eligible for training & development?
  • Company’s on-the- job and off-the-job training and development 
  • Approving authority  

4) Policy on Performance Appraisals 

  • Appraisal dates for probationers & confirmed employees
  • Who appraises?
  • Linking increments & bonuses to performance
  • Approving authority      
  • Legal issues  

5) Policy on Transfers

  • Who is eligible for transfers?
  • Procedure to apply for transfers
  • Legal issues  

6) Policy on Promotions

  • Who is eligible for promotion?
  • Procedure in applying for promotion
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues   

PART B: Policies on Employee Entitlements & Benefits   

7) Policy on Normal Hours of Work and OT 

  • Normal working hours & days
  • OT Rates
  • Procedure for OT claims
  • Approving authority
  • Records
  • Legal issues     

8) Policy on Rest Days, PH & OT   

  • Rest Days entitlement 
  • Public Holidays entitlement 
  • Rate for work done on Rest Days & PH
  • Procedure for claims
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues       

9) Policy on Annual Leave Entitlement   

  • Annual Leave entitlement
  • Encashment of annual leave
  • Application procedure
  • Approving authority
  • Records  
  • Legal issues    

10) Policy on Special Leave

  • Unpaid Leave
  • Unrecorded Leave
  • Paid leave for other purposes
  • Procedure for application
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues    

11) Policy on Medical Benefits 

  • Hospitalisation & Non-hospitalization Sick Leave
  • Prolonged illness leave     
  • Medical Treatment
  • Panel doctors  
  • Approving authority 
  • Legal issues 

12) Policy on Maternity Benefits 

  • Maternity Leave for current / deceased / ex-employees
  • Maternity Leave entitlement
  • Conditions for paid Maternity Leave 
  • Confinement benefit
  • Approving authority  
  • Legal registers
  • Legal issues  

13) Policy on Allowances & Other Benefits  

  • Types and quantum of allowances & benefits
  • Conditions for allowances and benefits    
  • Procedure in claims
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues   

14) Policy on Discipline

  • Listing major and minor misconduct
  • Rules of discipline
  • Steps before taking disciplinary action
  • Types of disciplinary action
  • Approving authority 
  • Records     
  • Legal issues  

15) Policy on Grievance Handling 

  • General grievance procedure
  • Approving authority  
  • Records
  • Legal issues  

16) Policy on Resignations / Retirement 

  • Notice period
  • Retirement age
  • Golden handshake
  • Other retirement benefits
  • Extension of service after retirement   
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues   

17) Policy on Termination of Contracts & Retrenchment

  • Notice period for termination and lay-off
  • Rate of termination and retrenchment benefits   
  • Conditions for termination and retrenchment benefits entitlement
  • Voluntary Separation Schemes 
  • Statements and records
  • Approving authority   
  • Legal issues   

18) Policy on Employee Handbook

  • Scope and limitation of handbook
  • General and specific aims of handbook
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Other information that may be included
  • Approving authority
  • Legal issues       



Who Should Attend? 

HR Managers

Heads of HR Department

Policy Decision Makers    



Trainer’s Profile 

Cyril Pagadala comes with more than 18 years of real hands-on work experience in Human Resource Management, Operations, Customer Service and Administration.


His work experience covers various industries such as the banking, manufacturing, hospitality and other service industries He has worked for both local and multinationals and in both small and large companies. His last position was as Director of Human Resource & Administration of a group of companies.


He has a BA in English and an MA in Human Resource Management.  He is now a lecturer and corporate trainer for many years 


He has gone through the whole gamut of HRM functions including: setting up the HR Department A-Z and company start up operations with appropriate systems in a new organization as part of start-up operations, developing policies and procedures, writing operational procedures, developing performance appraisal standards, managing recruitment and selection, setting up wage systems, payroll administration, designing motivation strategies, reducing employee turnover, training handling misconduct, taking disciplinary action, conducting the domestic inquiry, handling grievances, carrying out negotiations with trade unions and collective agreements, etc


His tenure in organizations has provided with him with deep insight and lasting exposure to various problems and solutions of different kinds. He brings this to his specialised areas of training such as job skill analysis, interview skills, HR planning, compensation, performance management, people development & motivation; Employment & Industrial Laws; Managerial & Supervisory Skills; Customer Relations; Soft Skills; English and Business Communication.


He delivers and facilitates the programmes in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willingly shares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide many simple solutions to work challenges.


His participants range from CEOs, managers, executives, supervisors to clerks; and professional engineers, lawyers and computer specialists both local and foreigners. He has many repeat clients. Maybe this is due to his simple philosophy: “SHARE REAL WORK KNOWLEDGE”. Perhaps a cue may also be taken from a participant: ‘I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS SO EASY!’



Course Fees 

RM1080/- per person for 2 days 

(Includes Lunch, Tea-Breaks, Course Notes and Certificate of Completion)

Specific details

Cost HRDF Claimable
Start 2013-12-16
Duration (Days) 2
Venue Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Early Bird Discount No
Group Discount No
Who Should Attend HR Managers, Heads of HR Department, Policy Decision Makers


Selangor, Malaysia
Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya