R29 Update

8 months 2 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #2365 by Kap-Chew R29 Update was created by Kap-Chew
Free Time Clock System R29 has just been updated, here are some of the important highlights:

  • Implemented Multilingual support, you may now choose your preferred language for the user interface B). However, Due to limited resources available, currently only English and 中文 (简体) are human translated, while the rest are all translated using Google Translate. If you feel that some of the machine translations are inappropriate, you may help to correct them by using the Language Editor which is accessible by clicking at the language link (which by default shows English) on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Multiple Employer Accounts could be consolidated through single Manager's account now. If you have created multiple Employer accounts which are related to each other, you may invite and assign the same employee (with the same email address) as Manager or other custom HR Roles, after that this employee will be able to switch to different Employer accounts easily once logs in.
  • Ads-Free in both Employer and Employee Web Accounts for Crowdfunding Sponsors.

  • Simplified Document Workflow submission - the original mandatory Subject field which needs to be unique has been changed to optional Reference field without uniqueness requirement.

What's next:

And as usual, just drop me a note for whatever improvement that you would like to see in the next release (or join the discussion on the todo list post ). I will try to make it into the to-do list, but sometimes due to time constraint, some feature will require more time to implement.
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