Variance in PCB calculation

6 years 10 months ago #299 by Caevy Tan
Hi, I've been using as my only source while filing for PCB and EPF, it's been really helpful,thanks. However, i received a letter from LHDN,saying i underpaid the PCB. It's for one of the employee, and listed Sept, Oct and Nov. Weirdly,for other employee that i used your calculation are fine. I was told if you could show the calculation which leads to the amount, i'll be able to plea for a deduction in fine.

This is for the year of 2014,EPF=11%/13%,SOCSO=Injury and Invalidity
1)Sept/2014-Salary=4500, PCB i paid=137.25
2)Oct/2014-Salary=4500, PCB i paid137.25
3)Nov/2014-Salary=4500, PCB i paid137.25
They claimed that i shall pay 188.65 for those months.

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6 years 10 months ago #300 by Kap-Chew
Hi Caevy, it's very odd in your case since you mentioned only a single employee had such a wrong calculation. In fact, the payroll engine is making use of the PCB schedule to suggest monthly deduction, it's exactly the same as when you are doing manual PCB lookup. In this case, you may check PCB 2014 and verify the calculation. Remember to deduct the EPF before looking up from the PCB table though, a mistake a lot of newbies overlook.

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