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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #246 by Ariel Zapanta
Hi Mr. admin

I am new here at HR.MY and so far, I am loving the interface of this software! It is so easy to learn and use.

I am currently testing the website and its applicability in the Philippine setting. I am happy to say that it has great potential! I have tested the PIM module (personnel information management module) and i just want to point out that i really love the way an ADMIN could put up their own fields and categories from scratch. (e.g. Inventing Position codes, inputting various categories, adding classifications etc)

I joined this forum in hope of contributing to this project, here is my concern/suggestions, hope it helps!

In the Philippines, complete full name is the norm. (many people are coincidentally or purposely have similar/exactly same names (i.e., junior, senior, III, IV) I think that adding Middle name and name extension fields in the PERSONAL DETAILS section would benefit the general market. Especially Asian countries where people generally have similar names

The purpose of using an HRIS tools like this is (1) easy access of information (2) centralized data management (3) EASY REPORTING

so far i don't yet see a viable reporting system aside from the "query", where you can add certain conditions to quicken your searching.

I think that an easy output oriented module that may be incorporated in the succeeding patches would be to add a PRINT option. (example i want to know how many girls in the Accounting department was hired since 2013, once we set the conditions, viola a print option is there)

A reporting system would be very helpful tool for many HR personnel like me!

Hope the foregoing helps you in any way it can. I support HR.MY and its infinite potential! FYI, i am just saying opinions from a FILIPINO stand point. I really want to implement this in my current company, that is why I am enthusiastics in joining the forums.

Thanks for making this site FREE and very user friendly! More power to you guys!


Ariel Zapanta
HR Officer
AVega Bros Integrated Shipping Corp
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8 years 4 weeks ago #249 by Kap-Chew
Replied by Kap-Chew on topic Filipino Tester
Hi Ariel,

Thanks for your feedback, and they are certainly very helpful in making HR.my a better system for Human Resource management.

If I do understand you correctly,

1. You wanted Middle name and name Suffix fields added?
2. You needed a print option for each of the query result?

Besides, mentioning about the need for reporting, I would also need input from users as to what kind of specific HR reports may be useful before creating them, mind to share your thoughts further?

And, any other new functional modules would you like to see in next updates? Off the top of my head, a Leave Management module should have been a long overdue function :p
8 years 4 weeks ago #250 by Ariel Zapanta
Replied by Ariel Zapanta on topic Filipino Tester
Hi Again Mr. Admin!!

For question 1, YES - it is ideal to use the full names of any employees here in the Philippines

For question 2, yes also- A built in print option is good don't you think? currently all i can do, to compensate is print screen only. But with a predefined report generator. All i do is calibrate the details i need then run the program and a printable format is available.

Example of such reports would be..

LISTING - e.g. list of birthday celebrants, list of employees on leave, etc
STATISTICAL - e.g AVERAGE SALARY RANGE, Head counts of employees
HISTORICAL e.g. Changes in job titles or salary grades, dates implemented

other various reports that the management could use to decide on things. Basically anything they want

Best of regards!

Ariel Z
8 years 4 weeks ago #253 by Kap-Chew
Replied by Kap-Chew on topic Filipino Tester
Thanks for the additional input, I will see what we can do to the upcoming updates ^o^
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8 years 4 weeks ago #254 by Ariel Zapanta
Replied by Ariel Zapanta on topic Filipino Tester
Salamat po!

(Thank you very much!)
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