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3 years 1 month ago - 2 weeks 4 days ago #960 by Kap-Chew

Please note that this todo list is dynamic, while I would most likely try to work according to the list, but should something more important comes up in the middle, I will re-prioritize it again according to the need of users. Also, feel free to let me know if you think that I may be missing some important features for the coming releases, your input is what matters for the development roadmap:

  1. Time Bank & Overtime transaction to track earned Time Off in Lieu
  2. Import Variable Income and Statutory Contribution for Payroll process
  3. Custom Payroll Period to support Bonus or Commission payment
  4. Option to print Job Title, Department and Branch on Payslip
  5. Automate Unpaid Leave calculation in Payroll process
  6. Payroll result to include Department and Branch field
  7. Support for Benefit in Kind for payroll processing
  8. Variable Pay and Deduction as a percentage of basic salary
  9. Export Payslip details, such as Variable Pay and Deduction
  10. Search Document & Form Sharing by employee ID or Name
  11. A way to find out Permanent/Contract/Part Time employees
  12. Weekly or monthly hours worked summary from Attendance records
  13. Import Holidays
  14. Option for viewing attendance by date range
  15. Allow managers to view subordinates' attendance records
  16. Option to allow Line Manager to submit leave application of subordinates on behalf
  17. Additional notification target for Leave Approval Workflow
  18. Attendance Schedule to show Attendance and Absent records, leaves, days off, public holiday etc.
  19. Resume Management
  20. Event calendar
  21. Deep Linking
  22. Asset Register/ Management
  23. Others... just tell me by replying to this post

Features just implemented for R36:

  1. Database Migration - needs to migrate current database to a more powerful database system that offers advanced capabilities in order to cope with the needs for upcoming features [In Progress...]
  2. Employee Education, Experience, Training and Legal Document can now be accessed from Employee Web Account
  3. Employee Education, Experience and Legal Document can now be updated by employees
  4. Announcement now supports file attachment
  5. Education now supports file attachment
  6. Experience now supports file attachment
  7. Training now supports file attachment
  8. Legal Document now supports file attachment
  9. Work in progress...
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3 years 1 month ago #975 by srikar
what we should do with this account

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3 years 1 month ago #976 by Kap-Chew
Sorry, I don't get you, can you please elaborate with more details?

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3 years 1 month ago #982 by Michael
Hello Kap-Chew -

My company loves your software and we love the direction you're taking with it as a freeware. Here a few features we would like to see:

1- The option to change the ID (Identification type) - eg. Driver's Licence, SSN or the option to enter an ID type
2 - Calculation within the Salary tab (eg. once the variable deductions have been entered, the NET pay is reflected (with the period, ID type and the name of the company - more like a PAYSLIP/PAYSTUB
3 - The ability to upload employee documents that were scanned into the system (eg. application forms etc... I believe as well you'd be required to include a tighter non-disclosure agreement)
4 - An evaluation section (allowing user with Manager's privilege to update their employee's evaluation). If this is implemented, we would like to see the following fields (KPI Type/Name, Achieved Score, Review Date -- a weighting option)
5 - An option to allow Manager's to update their employees disciplinary level, reason, description and date

I'll keep it coming (hope my list isn't too exhaustive).
PS: We rely on your system to run our HR function

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3 years 1 month ago #983 by Kap-Chew
Hi Mike,

I am really glad to hear that you love and use it to run your HR function, that's well worth all the effort we put in the development of ^o^

1. Most of your feature requests are indeed what I have had on my todo list. But I may need your further clarification on some of them, for instance I do not quite understand the use case of first feature, under what kind of circumstances would you need this feature?

2. For payroll calculation, the engine is already develop. My concern is without the support for local statutory contribution such as Tax calculation, would users still want to use it?

3. For document upload, there is already a Team->Documents and Forms module in, or do you refer to something else? Uploaded documents now are scoped to either Admin or All Employees, I am awaiting for more input to take it further.

4. Do you have any sample for item 4 and 5 about performance evaluation and disciplinary action that I could take a look? I believe that these two should be quite a straightforward implementation based on the brief information you disclosed here, but it may be otherwise if more information is omitted in your post.

p/s Please keep coming with more feature request and discussion, it would only help us to shape to be a better platform ^o^

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3 years 4 weeks ago #1007 by Funashi
So far so good with the leave entitlement and we love it from here. My employer and the employees also are happy for this solution especially its so easy.

1.) A simple suggestion am making is if you can rearrange just one column (Balance) to come after the Taken Column. This is because when we are looking at the columns we usually expect to see balance after the knocking off value.

Current Column Assignment = Type | Entitled | Earned | Balance | Taken | Applied | Rejected | Valid Until

Proposed Column Assignment = Type | Entitled | Earned Taken | Balance Applied | Rejected | Valid Until

2.) Second proposal. As much as I have seen requests for importing is their any plans to have the csv export button say for the leave days. We would love to export the leave days directly into our payroll since our payroll is running outside your HR.MY. Otherwise if their is a solution already to get those leave days from please assist

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