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Leave Application Email Notifications

1 year 1 month ago #4489 by Dave Cowley

from this weekend whenever someone sends a request for leave it sends it out mass emails to managers within the business even though it is configured to send emails to the line manager. Can you help at all?
1 year 1 month ago #4490 by Kap-Chew

There is an update today, and in this update I have reworked existing notification feature, which include copying the emails for HR.my Managers. Actually, this is the originally planned feature that I had not had time to implement previously.

If you don't want the email, you may set those HR.my Manager to other roles.
1 year 1 month ago #4499 by Nichole
Hi, I am having this same issue. My VP approves all time off requests and I do not want cc'd on those emails. Can you please provide instructions on how to set those to other roles? I am currently set up in our account as President so my role is different than VP (my VP is under "Supervisor" as the role).
1 year 1 month ago #4500 by Kap-Chew
Hi, I think your setup is incorrect as you are using HR Roles for leave approval purposes. You should use employee roles instead: hr.my/doc/leave-approval-workflow.html
1 year 1 month ago #4504 by Nichole
Would you be able to point me in a better direction? I tried to assign different employee roles but we still had the same issue before of 2 people receiving the same leave application. We only use this website for the leave application feature and nothing else. Unfortunately I'm a bit confused on how to set it up, as those settings are a bit difficult to understand with the flow. Any extra help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! :)
1 year 1 month ago #4505 by Lindsey Napier
Same is happening to me. The Director and HR Manager are being notified of every approval status before the line manager approves
What do you mean set Manager to other roles please?
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