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HR.my R42 Update

2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #3510 by Kap-Chew
HR.my R42 Update was created by Kap-Chew
Free Leave Management System HR.my R42 has just been updated, here are some of the important highlights:

  • New UI for Employer Portal
    • Account
      1. Preferences
      2. Change Password
      3. Change Email
    • Employer
      1. Job Position
      2. Department
      3. Branch
      4. Bank
      5. Level
      6. Course
      7. Trainer
      8. Ethnicity
      9. Religion
      10. Document Category
  • Support for Emergency Leaves via Leave Application Policy
  • Further enhancement of HR.my Mobile
    1. Leave Schedule
    2. Display employee name in each employee transaction

    File Attachment:

    HR.my Mobile on App Store

What's next:

And as usual, just drop me a note for whatever improvement that you would like to see in the next release (or join the discussion on the todo list post ). I will try to make it into the to-do list, but sometimes due to time constraint, some feature will require more time to implement.
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