R8 update

5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #494 by Kap-Chew R8 update was created by Kap-Chew - HR and Leave Management R8 has just been updated, here are some of the important highlights:

  • A new Announcement and Notice Board module, which allows employer to make announcements (such as Public Holidays notice, special company events etc), and let employees view current and past announcements easily.

  • The process of sending Employee Web Account invitation to employees becomes more responsive now.
  • Only currently active employees could be invited to sign up for their Employee Web Account.
  •'s Malaysian payroll calculation now supports PCB 2016.
  • Starting R8, Malaysian payroll processing will automatically use either PCB 2015 or PCB 2016 (or later) according to the period of payroll process.

  • Now all uploaded employee images can be displayed properly.
  • Previously when an employee is retired, his/her Personal Info cannot be retrieved in his/her Employee Web Account, even though his/her web account is not yet disabled.
  • And many many more other fixes that I don't even know how to describe :P

What's next:

And as usual, just drop me a note for whatever improvement that you would like to see in the next release. I will try to make it into the to-do list, but sometimes due to time constraint, some feature will require more time to implement.
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