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Very new user, Does HR.my have to ability to handle US federal income tax rules?

3 years 4 days ago #3227 by Michael Howard
Hello! Hr.My looks incredible and I would be happy to use this platform for my needs and contribute as well. Just a quick question on the payroll side of things. Can hr.my handle a tiered payroll system depending on estimated annual salary like the United States has, or would we need to calculate this off site and enter these in manually for each payroll?

I really think hr.my is a gem, and really want to use this. Hopefully we can make something work!
3 years 4 days ago #3228 by Kap-Chew
Hi Mike, for now you will have to do it manually. Later when I have more free time, I can start to work on the payroll engine that is specific for the US, if it's not too complicated.
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3 years 4 days ago #3233 by Michael Howard
Hey Kap! There are federal and state states--(sometimes).

I think just having a tier or progressive tax schedule function would work fine. The HR person in the US can put in the tiers the apply.

I can maybe give you a basic code structure for it in python -- that is the only language I know. :-)

I also have a spread sheet that details the entire tax structure too. I would be happy to send that though it is a bit complex beyond just entering in tax bracket; elections for withholding, filing status etc. Those bit can be determined by the HR person I believe because keeping up with the tax codes here can result in a lot of maintenance in hr.my.

I do think your product is fantastic I am 100% want to use it. People pay a lot of money here for payroll processing, and if there were a tier system option in Statutory Contributions people in the US would use this. You should charge for it here just so you don't run into a bigger donation gap though.

Let me know if you want to see the sheet or a code snippet on what it might look like. I am happy to help you how I can.
3 years 4 days ago #3234 by Michael Howard
Hey Kap, first off thank you again for providing this tool!

The US uses a progressive tax system for Federal and State taxes so on a annualized basis it looks like this:

AAA-->BBB = some%
BBB+1-->CCC = another%

I can show you a spread sheet the shows the logic if you wish. I can even sketch out a little python snippet if you think it would help.

Also do you have a way of getting in touch directly? I would like to ask more about using hr.my on a commercial basis. Let me know if you would like to discuss more. :-)
3 years 3 days ago #3238 by Kap-Chew
Hi Mike, this forum will require new user posts to be moderated as there are many spams from automated bots, that's why you message did not come up after posting.

Anyway, I will reply your email later.
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