Export Expense claim and document workflow.

1 year 7 months ago #3062 by Hugh

Is there a way to export expense claims to a file similar to attendance transaction summary or leave transaction summary?

There is 'Claim Review' tab already exist so if you can provide a export function there.

Ideally, it can export per month similar to attendance transaction summary where list all the employees containing:
- Current claim review columns (date, ID, name, type, from, to, amount, reference, reason, remark, status)
- additionally, 1st approve date and who approves, 2nd and 3rd as well if there are any.
- Attachment can be provided as link if necessary. (just a thought, and I guess it may or may not required for csv export)

A role with Manager will be able to export per CSV through 'manager portal'.

I'm currently using expense claim as overtime request/approval, as there is no easy way to get it with attendance.

Document workflow REQUIRES an attachment so I can't use it for this purpose, but nonetheless, both expense claim and document workflow doesn't provide an export function so very hard to collect informatino all at once.



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1 year 7 months ago #3063 by Kap-Chew
This is already planned, but not time yet. Anyhow I am adding this to my todo list first: payroll.my/forum/general/311-hr-my-upcoming-features-todo-list

1. Attachment link cannot be included, as the attachments are stored securely and each link MUST be generated realtime with limited time for download to safe guard the files.

2. Is the only reason that you are using Expense Claim instead of Document Workflow to handle OT request/approver due to the mandatory attachment need in Document Workflow?

3. Just curious, how to you map Expense Claim's existing fields to your OT request need?

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