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9 months 1 week ago #3399 by Samantha
Hr.my was created by Samantha
Hi there,

I've recently came across this HR system and I think it's great and user friendly. However, I have a few questions. Hope you can clarify the question below for me.

1. Can the email be customized before sending an employee? Or the email they are receiving currently is the standardized ones?
2. I notice that we can set who can approve ie leaves, document workflow, etc, can we set stages of approval?? For example, once the time sheet is approved by HR, can we set a second stage of approval by the HOD?
3. In the salary slip, how do I add the company logo?
4. How is the cloud being managed? Is it a shared cloud where everyone can access our data or a private cloud where only the company has access to it? our data can be shared out?
5. If a employee's data is lost, is there a way to retrieve it? Is there a backup storage?
6. What security encryption are being used for this system?
7. In terms of governance/legislation, under which is this system being protected?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you and have a nice day

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9 months 6 days ago #3400 by Kap-Chew
Replied by Kap-Chew on topic Hr.my
1. If you selectively enable certain modules, the message in the email will be changed accordingly.
2. Yes.
3. Employer->Information->Edit
4. No, I don't share your data with anyone.
5. No, I don't restore backup just because you accidentally deleted a record. Backup is for the entire site.
6 & 7. hr.my/doc/get-started.html
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