Mastering Motivation Techniques for Managers & Supervisors Workshop

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Date: 19 & 20 December 2013 (Thursday & Friday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: Hotel Melia Kuala Lumpur (Across From Berjaya Times Square)
Trainer: Casey Tee (View Trainer Profile)
It sounds simple, doesn't it? But as a manager, you know that motivating employees is one of the toughest challenges you've got.


Sure, you want to inspire them to heroic achievement, yet most days you're lucky if you can just get them to get the job done at all. Plus, you're so busy with dozens of other pressing responsibilities that you often don't notice an employee's performance is floundering until it's too late and the damage is done.


Truth is, motivating employees doesn't come easily to most managers. That's why we've develop this essential seminar, Highly Effective Motivation Techniques. Attend this intensive two-day management training, and you'll discover exactly how to encourage your team to become more self-sufficient - to bring you solutions instead of problems - to eagerly take on more responsibility - to take the initiative  ,and to go the extra mile.



1. Build a team of creative problem-solvers that reflect well on you
It's the dream of every boss , creating a staff of self-sufficient go-getters that take the initiative to bring you innovative solutions , not daily problems. With the skills you'll learn during this seminar, this can easily describe your staff!

2. Recognize the signs of employee burnout and re-energize your department. 
The problem with eliminating employee burnout is that most managers and supervisors are too busy to notice the problem , until it's too late! At this seminar, you'll learn how to quickly identify the red flags of burnout and other employee problems. Plus, you'll discover the intrinsic qualities all inspirational leaders must have to keep their teams fired up when things get tough!

3. ?If no one is following, then you?re not leading.? 
Find out if your personal management style is unintentionally ruining all your hard work. Many managers are their own worst enemies when it comes to motivating employees to do more. At this seminar, you'll learn to develop a personal management style that's focused on action and results , no matter what your personality type is.

4. Get your game face on. 
Every successful coach needs a game plan that best suits the teams, strengths and weaknesses, and you're no different. With the skills you'll learn here, you'll be able to bring out top quality performances in everybody from your top over-achievers to your most frustrating under-achievers.

5. Create an atmosphere of give-and-take and watch productivity soar. 
Learn the most common mistakes managers and supervisors make that kill communication flow at the office and how to avoid them. You'll create a free-flowing communication network that will help your staff know exactly what you expect from them , AND you will know exactly what's on the minds of your team. It?s a win-win system for everyone involved!

Program Content:

Module 1: Looking in the Mirror and Making Changes 
- Are you your own worst enemy for creating positive change? Find out here 
- Identifying and developing your personal management style 
- How to adapt your management style to the employee strengths you have in your office 
- The manager's personal guide to getting  and staying , motivated during the good times and bad 
- Overcoming the issues that keep many managers from praising and appreciating their employees

Module 2: Creating a Group Mindset of Success and Achievement 
- Create a positive environment that makes your staff want to achieve outstanding results 
- Red flags that should warn you that negativity is creeping back into your staff 
- How YOU can set the tone of appreciation at work that?ll spread like wildfire 
- Things that every worker desires more than anything , you may be surprised at what they are! 
- Understanding the motivators that drive employees

Module 3: Boosting Individual Performance Up to the Next Level 
- Understand the power of relationships to achieve business results 
- How to stop giving out step-by-step instructions 
- Conduct planning meetings that focus on goals 
- Use follow-up appraisals to monitor employee progress 
- Combine the positive power of management and employees to drive even higher performance levels

Module 4: Giving ! and Getting ! Effective Feedback 
- Learn to give meaningful feedback ... how much and how often 
- How to eliminate the negativity that ruins many feedback sessions 
- 5 things you should never say during a feedback session, and 5 things you always should
- How to become your team's top cheerleader , even if you're not the "rah-rah" type 
- Set expectations that are in line with the task at hand

Module 5: Motivation Techniques to Gain Inspired Achievement 
- The #1 myth about why motivation won?t work with today's worker 
- The steps of an effective motivation plan 
- Work with your employees to develop programs that build on positive performance 
- The motivating power of peer groups at work and how to use them to your advantage 
- Team-based incentives! The pros and cons and how you can make them work 
- Keeping the high performers happy

Module 6: Managing Demanding, Difficult and Downright Frustrating Employees 
- Unwilling or unable! How to tell the difference with your staff 
- Coaching techniques for improving work performance 
- Creating a new direction to rehabilitate apathetic, cynical and pessimistic attitudes 
- How to tell when an employee is ready for change but just doesn't realize it 
- When it's appropriate to be the coach, counselor or cheerleader for your department

Module 7: Communication Skills Every Leader Must Have to Win the Motivation Battle 
- The keys to persuasive and effective communication skills for every manager from the -Can-Do! Dynamo to the Shy and Retiring Wallflower 
- Steps to crystal-clear communication skills that leave no room for misunderstandings 
- How to get everyone on board with your plans - even the most negative nay-sayers 
- How to boost the morale of your team when times get rocky and tough 


Apart from lectures the following will be incorporated:

- Group Discussion
- Role Plays
- Self-Assessment exercises
- Games & Activities in relation to the topic discussed

Who Must Attend:
- Managers, supervisors and executives - Administrative professionals - HR staff - Customer service managers and reps - Team leaders
Investment Fees:
RM1,588.00 per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,388.00 per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 09 December 2013)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)

Specific details

Cost HRDF Claimable
Start 2013-12-19
Duration (Days) 2
Venue Hotel Melia Kuala Lumpur (Across From Berjaya Times Square)
Early Bird Discount Yes
Group Discount Yes
Who Should Attend Managers, supervisors and executives; Administrative professionals; HR staff; Customer service managers and reps; Team leaders


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hotel Melia Kuala Lumpur