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krishna created the topic: Leave Managment
Hi sir,

I have a labor oriented firm. most of the people are full timers and have less knowledge on computers. I want three points help from you.

1. Bio metric system is used for tracing time. how can this be integrated and if i have excel sheet to export every day it should update the time management.
2. Leave applying procedure is completely taken on approval offline. I would like you request a feature to give me an excel upload format to update daily leaves. this will enable a best feature where HR managers manual leave calculation process of leaves will decrease and ensure a new feature of uploading the leaves.
3. Employee education fields (dynamic add in fields ), qualification, experience field and previous organisation fields , reference fields for mobile verification. these are basic data

please kindly suggest. i have three of these process in my company. this is taking almost 2 days every month to prepare the complete list.
Really aprreciate for the services you have extended to this website so far.
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3 weeks 21 hours ago #1405 by Kap-Chew
Kap-Chew replied the topic: Leave Managment
Hi Krishna,

1. Attendance management is a planned feature: payroll.my/forum/general/311-hr-my-upcoming-features-todo-list
2. Why do you want to import the data from Excel? Why not performing the leave approval directly on HR.my, then export it to Excel instead?
3. Sure, these are also part of the planned features.

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