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Attendance Management - Lunch Break Deduction - How to input?

2 weeks 5 days ago #1580 by Kap-Chew
Kap-Chew replied the topic: Attendance Management - Lunch Break Deduction - How to input?
Hi Aishah,

Thanks for your further clarification, it is really helpful. In fact, your Option 2 has reminded me that this is a must for Admin entered records, since Admin can't pause or resume from Breaks for employees, therefore a field in the Attendance dialog is necessary for manual adjustment.

I think overall, I may need to provide a few options:

1. Global default break time, in case there is no adjustment, this will be assumed for Admin entered record. (not completely sure about this yet, possibly will revisit once I have implemented other options)
2. A button for Break to pause and resume by employees, instead of clock in and clock out.
3. An option to calculate the duration based on actual clock-in and clock-out session.

I believe there are other issues that I may need to consider down the road, and that's the reason why I started with a bare-bones attendance first, so that I could possibly sort out as much issue as possible with feedback from users like you, in order to come out with a solution that works for most users.

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